Reckless Upstart to Visionary Leader

“Our whole company is founded on the principle that there is something very different that happens with one person, one computer.”
— Steve Jobs

I don’t really know why some people dislike the version by Walter Isaacson so much. I personally like both books. One deals with his life in a broader, impartial manner, while the other lends more depth and personal insights into the mind of the man.

There are some incredibly telling stories about Steve Jobs here. It creates a more rounded, much deeper persona of the person and what he was all about. Reading Steve Jobs by Isaacson without reading this hand in hand is not recommended.

It must take someone really special to have two biographies published back-to-back. Most great individuals don’t even get one. Steve truly was that special that even these two books cannot genuinely do justice to his life, his work, and his legacy.