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How Will You Measure Your Life?

“In your life, there are going to be constant demands for your time and attention. How are you going to decide which of those demands gets resources? The trap many people fall into is to allocate their time to whoever screams loudest, and their talent to whatever offers them the fastest reward. That’s a dangerous way to build a strategy.”
— Clayton M. Christensen

This is a great book for any business student or individual either involved in or contemplating joining the business world. Life, especially corporate life, will throw challenges at you without pause. How you deal with those challenges decides your true legacy.

Clayton is a man who has faced the trials of corporate life and his message is neither overly idealistic nor extremely unrealistic. It scientifically shows us the pitfalls of straying from the path and the rewards that come from adhering to one’s principles and values.

I wish I had read this work long before I started working in corporate. Given how things are done in certain parts of the world, it is very easy to fall into the trap of marginal thinking and immediate results. It is something I am working on and hope to improve upon.