Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Book Cover.jpg

The First Glimpse

“My goal has always been not only to make great products, but to build great companies”
— Steve Jobs

Most of what I know about Steve Jobs I know from this book. I feel Steve Jobs is one of the greatest individuals of all time. This book did a lot to influence and cement that opinion. Looking back, I find it hard to believe there was once a time when I was not even aware of him.

Steve Jobs was about love and passion for one single-minded devotion: creating the best technological products possible. This is why I feel so strongly about Steve Jobs. It was never about making money, or grabbing power, or some other lesser, entirely meaningless thing. It was love manifested in Apple.

I am thankful that Walter Isaacson agreed to write this book and even more grateful to Steve Jobs for allowing us a glimpse into his life through this biography. Knowing that there were people who felt so passionately about doing great work and found ways to do it against all odds gives us all hope.