The Dark Arena_ A Novel - Mario Puzo.jpg

Mario Puzo’s Finest Novel

“Out of habit he began to run to catch it, the suitcase bumping against his leg, but after a few steps halted, knowing it made no difference whether he caught this one or the next.”
— Last Sentence of ‘The Dark Arena’

There are many people who do not like The Dark Arena. They feel it is too dark, the characters too dislikable, and the plot too unpalatable. Such people should stick to reading their Archie Comics and leave real, profound, literature to those who can appreciate its richness from personal experience.

This is one of the realest books I have ever read. There is no window dressing or frills of any sort. This is the plain and simple story of a deeply troubled and disturbed man in a landscape that mirrored his mind. How the ravages of war left scars that made living in the place he once called home, unbearable.

There is no way to idealize the characters of the book. They are an accurate representation of the time and place the novel was set in. Nearly 80 million people died and millions more were left destitute and disfigured just twenty years after the destruction of the First Great War. This book is a another Ode of Remembrance, Lest We Forget.