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Pull together and Prosper

“Separated from society, condemned, perhaps, to pass the remainder of life in this desert island, we yet possessed the means of happiness”
— Johann Wyss

I used to really enjoy reading The Swiss Family Robinson as a child. Their life seemed so exciting. I grew up on an island as well, but my life, looking back, was incredibly dull. The most exciting things some days used to be visiting the national library to read books.

Their life was so cool. They lived in a treehouse during the summer and a cave during the monsoon. They farm, they tend to their animals, they make the things they need, they care for one another, and most importantly, they are happy in their so-called isolation.

This was about family values helping individuals group together and rise above calamities. It was about real, useful skills helping one in times of need. It was about proving that our physical surrounds need not dictate our mental wellbeing. It was about family.