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Fortnightly comic relief

“Indigenous, independent vernacular comics are more powerful than their Western superhero counterparts. They reach the local community, understand the pulse of the masses and the social fabric in a way that English comics do not.”
— Arun Prasad

Living on a small island in the middle of the Indian ocean before the information started was really not what people might imagine it to be. Firstly, you were cut-off from the rest of the world in every sense. More importantly, your own island presented very limited avenues for anything.

It used to take two weeks for each issue of Tinkle to reach and it was sold at nearly six times the recommended retail price. I still got every single issue even if it meant visiting the little tuck shop that sold them, several times a week to ensure I got a copy.

Tinkle was a great read back in the day. It had a lot of variety and was priced way cheaper than American comic books. Somehow that sense of excitement, waiting for Tinkle to arrive, just doesn’t come that easily any longer.