Necessary Continuation of a Personal Voyage

“I hope that this Cosmos can instigate a reawakening of the same enthusiasm for science that the original Cosmos brought”
— Seth MacFarlane

There was next to nothing this show could have done to meet the high expectations set for it. Nevertheless, it managed to hold its own and continue the legacy created by its namesake. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the best successor we have for Carl Sagan.

The show brings to light new discoveries and further elaborates on previously covered topics. The show was imaginative and interesting, though, despite not being derivative, it still felt more illustrative than groundbreaking.

While I am grateful for this new Cosmos, I still prefer the original; and while this version is equally important, I feel the most important thing it can hope to achieve is drawing the attention of people too young to have watched the original into watching the original masterpiece.