Tracing the steps of greatness

“It was by common consent one of the greatest events in the history of the world, opening up the West and East for the first time; an extraordinary tale of bravery and cruelty, endurance and excess, chivalry and greed; a journey of ten years and 22,000 miles all told, enough to circle the globe.

Behind it, like the wrack of a receding tide, it has left strange and glittering debris: lost cities, blue-eyed Indians, exotic treasures, ancient manuscripts, and a great harvest of amazing stories, songs, poems, myths and legends.”
— Michael Wood

Alexander the Great has fascinated countless generations since his quest to unite the known world. Some are drawn to his military genius, some to the sheer breadth of his conquest, and others to the lofty goals he wanted to imbibe in his vision for a united world.

Michael Wood set out to trace and document the life of this great man in a manner never done before. He traced the steps he took along with his army from the tiny kingdom of Macedonia to the plains of Punjab. The details were utterly fascinating and thought provoking.

Not everything that was revealed was pleasant or palatable. Alexander was not a perfect human being even if he was deified. He did things along the way that were unfortunate. Do the ends or the objectives justify the means? That is what we are still debating today.