The existing order of things and how we got here

“Maybe a good start would be to recognize within yourself the ability to understand anything, as long as it’s explained clearly enough. And then go and ask for explanations. And if you’re thinking ‘Well what do I ask for?’ ask yourself if there’s anything in your life you want changed. That’s where to start.”
— James Burke

The title of this show is a reference to the philosophical idea that the universe only exists as we perceive it through the lens of our own knowledge and experience. If we enhance our knowledge through learning and experience, we essentially change the universe itself.

James Burke has a very relaxed style that conveys expertise without being authoritarian or condescending. He covers a variety of interrelated topics in great depth and detail without allowing the content to become overbearing or overwhelming.

The series was fascinating in its range of topics and helped me to understand more about the world we live in and how we arrived at this vantage point in time. Exploring and understanding more about past discoveries and inventions has merit for everyone.