The Magic Continues

“Many people (fans) were skeptical about it, but I went to the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto in September of 1973, with only the animated opening credits to show to an expectant audience. But I have to tell you, when that familiar starship flashed across the screen in the old way, with the music, and with the names of the actors involved - there was a standing ovation.”
— Dorothy Fontana

The Original Star Trek Series was groundbreaking and revolutionary in everyday. Nonetheless, there were many things that could not be showcased using the film and special effects technology present in the 60’s. The Animated Series was a way to get around those restrains and boldly explore the frontiers of our imagination.

It featured the same cast as the Original Series and had fresh new plots for them to figure out. It allowed us to continue exploring the Star Trek Universe that had been off the air for a while by then. It allowed us to reunite with a crew that we had come to love and adore.

Producers and creatives today can learn a lot from this low budget production. Sci-Fi, or any genre for that matter, is not about special effects or trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It is about exploring the human condition through the lens of moving image.