Love and Oppression in BRITISH INDIA

“And I hate it. India. I hate all the beggars and the crowds and the heat and the bug and most of all myself, for being black and English.”
— Hari Kumar

I have many British friends. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things however, anyone who feels the occupation and exploitation of India and the Indian people by the British Empire was anything but a stain on all humanity is an asshole. Unfortunately, such misguided individuals still exist and carry forward these depraved feelings which should be buried in the past.

Jewel In The Crown covers the last few years of the British occupation of India and ends a little after India is once again an independent country. The story follows several characters, each forming an integral part of the story which is fiction mixed with history. All the characters were intricate and well-played, however, Hari Kumar played by Art Malik, left a lasting impression.

The world has changed a lot since the independence of one-fifth of the human race from the colonial yoke. As the rate of change continues to increase, age-old ideals about freedom, equality, and the Golden Rule will take center stage more prominently, Hopefully, soon we will be able to witness such shows without the burden of history and aggrievement.