Modern British Political Satire

“I’m finished anyway, you didn’t finish me”
— Malcolm Tucker

Politics is a gentle balance between sucking up and cracking the whip. It’s about making promises to reach positions, both of which can’t be kept. Malcolm Tucker is the man behind it all who keeps the political machinery ticking like clockwork even when faced with challenges.

The show explores the inner workings of the British political system in a manner that elicits laughter but this is not a comedy. This is a serious drama which reveals a lot of truth about the system that governs the British Isles. It is funny to think so much of our lives are controlled by such a farcical system.

The show is brilliant even if it lacks a certain timeless appeal that Yes, Minister possessed. Malcolm Tucker’s character stands out among all the others and is the main driving force behind the show. In the end politics is arcane and enigmatic even for those in the thick of it.