The World is one Family

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”
— George Moore

Family is very important. Friends are equally important. The only difference is that while one is chosen, we choose the other. Old friends become like family. Similarly family members should become more like old friends as time goes by. Rank and distinction based on arbitrariness should dissolve with the passage of time.

The challenges of life are easier to face with a solid footing. The trials are easier to bear with the support of kinship and friendship. We draw strength and guidance from those closest to us. Though our paths might be converging and diverging, we take the best of each other with us always.

The journey of life and self-discovery takes us from everything and everyone we have known till now to pastures new, perhaps greener. The spark inside us, compelling us, to continue exploring, to continue seeking; to run faster, to stretch further, to never yielding that spark.