2300 years of unending fascination

“Aristotle be damned!

By Zeus and all the gods, what makes you so much better than them, Cassander? Better than you really are! In you and those like you is this!

What disturbs me most is not your lack of respect for my judgment. It’s your contempt for a world far older than ours!”
— Alexander the Great

I have followed the life of Alexander the Great with great keenness and I consider Alexander Revisited to be one of the best works covering his life. Oliver Stone directed a masterpiece and Colin Farrell was incredible as Alexander the Great.

Fashions and opinions change frequently and it has gone out of vogue to consider people like Alexander as great. It is felt in recent times that conflict is never the solution and that ambition is harmful. Apathy is the flavor of the month.

That is foolishness. People should be judged according to their times, their aspirations, and their results. Alexander will remain Great in any era for he set out to unite the world in the only way possible back then and he nearly succeeded.