And god created woman

“That girl is made to destroy men”
— Éric Carradine

There are some films that you just like despite there being nothing exceptional about them. They are like the familiar bread and butter that goes with breakfast; unremarkable but needed. A fun place to visit during dull, sunny afternoons.

Brigitte Bardot plays a nubile orphan who is in love with someone but ends up marry his younger brother instead when her wild ways create turmoil in St. Tropez. Marry in haste, repent at leisure. Somehow, in this case, that seems alright.

Brigitte’s character is intriguing and reminds of similar Lolita's we encounter in our own lives. Even though she is far from perfect, there is something incredibly enticing about her that forces people to turn to her. A siren in every sense of the word... and that is alright.