Happiness Demystified

“Waiting for big occasions of happiness, we miss out on small moments of joy”
— Raghu (Bawarchi)

Bawarchi is an original Indian classic. It is set in a quintessential Indian haveli (townhouse) and the story revolves around the squabbles and disagreements between the extended family that live together in acrimony and discord. All this changes when they finally hire a new cook (bawarchi).

It is surprising how little things add up to big things, how small acts can set forth bigger reactions. One member of the household, the bawarchi, sets forth this chain reaction by taking a genuine interest in his work and the wellbeing of the household. This eventually starts rubbing off on everyone.

Bawarchi shows us the power of taking a genuine interest in the mundane details of everyday life. Minor tweaks in the daily routine to increase the feeling of wellbeing and mutual affection.A family that eats well and eats together has every chance of rising past petty difference and minor annoyances.