Diamonds From Sierra Leone

“Throughout the history of Africa...
...whenever a substance
of value is found...
...the locals die
in great number and in misery.
Now, this was true of ivory, rubber, gold and oil.
It is now true of diamonds.”
— Blood Diamond

It is amazing how passionately people will pursue rocks and metals. The extent they will go to obtain them and the meaning they will attach to their possession. The only thing, people as a group, are more passionate about is killing each other for arbitrary reasons. Blood Diamond shows us the conflict in Sierra Leone and many unexpected forces at play.

The people in Sierra Leone are suffering. Made victims by opposing sides in a civil war centered on the struggle for power. Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Danny Archer, provides a splendid performance as an antihero. He is not a saint or a sinner but merely someone who acts in his own self-interest. He has learnt the realities of life in his situation.

It is sad that we still have so many problems in the world when we have the means to limit or eradicate so many of those problems. The mindless pursuit of money and power coupled with the inability of those who generally fall victims to such pursuits to think and act in their best interest leaves us with many, many stories like this around the world.