A Love Gone Too Far

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

The human mind is a dark and mysterious place. When one soul begins to inhabit two bodies, as often happens with lovers in the throes of passion, that new consciousness can sometimes take even stranger turns. In the realm of the senses explores that very enigma.

Saba and Kichizo become lovers and embark on creating a world of their own where they can be free and uninhibited by the world they left behind. Lost in their realm, they begin experimenting with more risky lovemaking to overcome the alienation their union has brought. The rest is history.

The fact that this really happened lends a greater morbid fascination to the whole saga. Was it really love or was it a derangement of the mind? Given the depth and diversity of human thought and culture, can we really say whether this was a crime of passion or one final act of love?