Dark Night of the Soul

“The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person”
— Chuck Palahniuk

Paul is tormented trying to process his wife’s infidelity and recent suicide. Without understanding there can be no acceptance and no recovery. Things left unsaid stay with us forever, leaving us to contemplate their meaning in the inevitable silence that follows.

Paul meets Jeanne and they form an understanding of sorts to comprehend the events going on in their lives. The empty apartment acts as a metaphor as well as a crucible for them to work out their demons. Paul eventually learns to purge his past hoping to start afresh with Jeanne.

Jeanne however has made other plans and is unreceptive. She eventually shoots Paul, ending their liaison. Paul glances one last time at the city of Paris before passing on. Some tragedies are inexplicable and seem wholly avoidable and therein lies their appeal. This was one such tragedy.