Self-Discovery on the roof of the world

“I lacked the advice and guidance of experienced counsellors and so wasted many years before I realized that one must not pursue several aims at the same time.”
— Heinrich Harrer

Life is unfair. That much we all accept. Life is also cruel when you do not fit into the mould of society. Heinrich Harrer was an exceptionally gifted man who wanted to live life to the fullest his own way. He paid the price for his individuality and free spirit.

After being captured, he and his friend managed to escape to the Tibetan Kingdom in the Himalayas. His wife had his son and left Heinrich for his best friend and his friend got the girl that he wanted. Life seemed bleak and reasonably so given the circumstances.

After years of suffering an unlikely friendship develops between Heinrich and the Dalai Lama. It is a unique and beautiful thing showing the depth and breadth of the human experience. Heinrich eventually comes to terms with his experiences and returns to reunite with his son.