Aftermath of Downturns and Downsizing

“You know the worst part?

The world didn’t stop. The newspaper still came every morning, the automatic sprinklers went off at six. Jerry next door still washed his car every Sunday.

My life ended and nobody noticed.”
— Phil Woodward

This is how companies really are: indifferent and uncaring. Corporations are not evil. They exist to serve the shareholders. Sometimes what is best for the shareholders is not best for the employees that make the profits for the shareholders.

In just over hundred minutes, this film shows us what an economic downturn and corporate downsizing really mean for the individuals, the families, and the communities that are directly affected. Its understated but still tough to watch.

This is the harrowing story of countless individuals whose identity and self-worth were tied to their occupation. The message is valuable and timeless: invest in yourself and your family and friends more than any job or company.