Romeo and Juliet in New York

“When i saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew”
— Arrigo Boito

Do people still fall in love like this anymore? Or do they just twiddle with their phones, hoping for a miracle? Tony and Maria fell in love at first sight in this musical set in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 1957. Normally that would be fantastic. The start of something beautiful. However, two warring gangs had other plans for these innocent lovers.

The Jets and the Sharks cannot coexist with each other and tensions come to a head when the head of the Sharks is upset with Tony over his involvement with Maria, his sister. Tony and Maria were starcrossed from the very beginning but they will willing to make it work. Why can’t the world let lovers be? Why must everything beautiful be destroyed?

Immigrants and son’s of immigrants battle it out for supremacy over what little they consider their own domain. The outcome is tragedy. The American Dream seems so elusive for those who are not living the dream. Perhaps nothing is meant to last forever. Perhaps that’s why we hold on to those fleeting moments of pure happiness that we call love.