“Every right implies a responsibility;
Every opportunity, an obligation,
Every possession, a duty.”
— John D. Rockefeller

EVERYONE'S Responsibility

Corporations have always faced criticism regarding their apparent disregard for anything but profits. While there is merit in the criticism, the basic premise is flawed. The general activities and broad direction of even the largest corporations are decided by their shareholders and stakeholders. A company does what its most influential shareholders and stakeholders want it to do.

Corporations have been responsible for much of the economic gains we now take for granted. Whenever things improve, people become complacent and expect more for less. They become armchair critics, grumbling, mumbling, and any host of things except going out and making the change they want to see. Responsibility for building a better world cannot be achieved by idle activism.

Without individuals taking an active role in monitoring corporate activity, investing in corporations they feel strongly about, and then using their stake in the organization to help steer its direction, corporate responsibility will always take a backseat to profits as those motivated by profits generally work harder and longer to achieve their goals than those motivated by lofty ideals and wishful thinking.