“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Making It

Everything existed, but the final product, before the entrepreneur came along. The entrepreneur organized the land, labor, and capital to create and market the final product, something that wouldn’t be without the entrepreneur. When the factors of production are aligned correctly, so are the stars. And yet, we wonder what the entrepreneur did to deserve the fame and fortune they earned from their enterprise.

Scientists are far too concerned with discovery, philosophers with metaphysics, and businesses with profits. An entrepreneur needs to have all three aspects in their personality in the right measure along with unwavering doggedness in order to succeed. Entrepreneurship is not, was not, and never will be easy. Changing the world for the better is a relentless pursuit and not an idle pastime.

Entrepreneurship is about creating something meaningful that helps those around you in an economically viable manner. It does not have to be about creating products and services that are delivered through huge corporations. Any improvement that helps sustain itself through the revenue it generates is a worthwhile endeavor. Even the smallest improvement is a meaningful push in the right direction.