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“With a partnership that includes 15 nations and with 68 nations currently using the ISS (International Space Station) in one way or another, this unique orbiting laboratory is a clear demonstration of the benefits to humankind that can be achieved through peaceful global cooperation.”
— Charles Bolden & John Holdren

Grand Achievement

The things we can achieve when we are determined and united. After several individual attempts that yielded important breakthroughs, the International Space Station finally became a reality as the new millennium ushered in a new era for human space exploration.

This is significant because it is a further step towards longer manned space exploration. It is neither practical nor possible for space exploration to proceed without nation states joining together in this great endeavor. Our deepest desires are shared and exploration is at the core of our being.

The fact that so many nations took a vested interested in the success of the project is a positive sign that we can overcome differences and come together as one. Perhaps one day we might even be able to do away with arbitrary divisions and come together as one race inhabiting one planet.