“Libertarian thought emphasizes the dignity of each individual, which entails both rights and responsibility.”
— David Boaz

Freedom From Tyranny

That is Libertarianism? It is such a shame that so many people who are ardent proponents of their respective ideologies are not aware of a system of thought that allows everyone the freedom everyone desires for themselves. Plain and simple, Libertarianism is about freedom: freedom of choice, freedom from tyranny, and freedom in all aspects of life that do not require intervention.

Libertarianism is the ideology of the enlightened. We can make our own decisions and we do not require either an autocratic state or a nanny state. We simply require freedom and autonomy to lead our lives according to our own volition. The principles of Libertarianism are almost as old as our consciousness, reflected in the thoughts of great minds as far back as Lao-Tzu.

Nevertheless, the world was not ready for it, the world is not ready for it, and the world will not be ready for it for a while still.  Till then our responsibility is to steer our social and political machinery towards the ideals of Libertarianism. Just like democracy, one day Libertarianism will change from the ideology of the enlightened to the ideology of the masses.