“It (Renewable Energy) should be like the Manhattan Project and the Apollo Project in the sense that the government should put in a serious amount of R&D.”
— Bill Gates

Ubiquitous Energy

Everything around us is powered by energy. Our world is a product of electrons moving in circuits, powering our machinery and allowing modern life to function. The bulk of this energy unfortunately, does not come from renewable sources and is produced using depleting natural resources which have a negative impact on our world and its inhabitants.

The most unfortunate part is that this is entirely remediable. We have long had the means to generate our energy needs from renewable sources such as solar, water, geothermal, and wind. Given a bit of investment and understanding, we can easily produce all of our energy needs using renewable sources which are essentially endless and non polluting.

It is staggering to think how much energy is actually dissipated without being harnessed and how it impacts our society. We have the means to completely eliminate energy poverty and scarcity within a few years and give people the right to endless energy without negative externalities on the planet. One day, the world will be connected in a global energy grid.