“In the history of humanity, there have been many languages, including French, that have served as universal languages: Latin, Chinese, Arabic, and more. Yet none of them ever ruled the world the way English does today…

English is becoming a universal language such as humans have never had before.”
— Minae Mizumura

The power of Language

The benefits of having a universal language are evident without any elaboration. We cannot rise beyond our limitations without a common medium to share and learn. The vastness of information out there and the possibilities it holds can only be grasped by deciphering the code it is written in. It has been argued by some truly enlightened minds that the language of the universe is mathematics. However, for mere mortals like us the language of the universe is English.

It is just plain good manners to learn the common medium of communication between individuals and that is English. Not everyone has the same opportunities to learn and master the language but then life is seldom fair and we must make the most of it. It is altogether unreasonable and impractical to expect people to learn multiple languages to communicate with one another.

English is the world’s universal language. There are those that might disagree for a variety of reasons but English is the closest thing we have to a universal language in the near future. Perhaps one day we might develop a better language that addresses the shortcomings of English as a universal language. Thankfully, until then we still have English as a common language that we can all use to communicate.