“Cuius est solum ejus est usque ad coelum et ad inferos.”
— Law Maxim

The SKY'S the limit

Vertical farming has gone from idea to reality in a remarkably short period of time. Few people thought it could be done, much less done commercially at a profit. Today, every major city in the world is either expanding its vertical farms or getting ready to incorporate them. We live in exciting times.

There are still challenges that have to be overcome before vertical farming becomes a cornerstone of agriculture. However, those challenges are small hurdles which will be overcome with increasing interest and investment in sustainability, ecological conservation, clean energy, and smarter infrastructure.

It is my belief that vertical farms are more than just a supply chain improvement. They are an incredible use of limited space and resources. As time goes on they will become even better, perhaps even become like gardens where people can roam around and pick the produce they want themselves.