Mammal of the year

“Straight from heaven up above... here is a baby for you to love”
— Mr. Stork

Dumbo is possibly the most endearing character ever created. Dumbo faces ridicule and ostracization from one and all due to his unique ears. His mother tries to protect him but is eventually locked away for trying to save her son from relentless bullies.

While Dumbo is saddened, he never expresses any true anger or resentment towards anyone. Instead he forms an unlikely friendship that helps him navigate the vicissitudes of life and eventually discover how the very things that held him down would help him soar.

Through adversity Dumbo remained good-willed and guileless. In victory, he was magnanimous. He embodied the best qualities of innocence and childlikeness. He is an inspiration for anyone who wants to be more than what they are without losing their ingenuousness.