The genius of America

“He lifted himself from a wheelchair to lift the nation from its knees”
— Jean Edward Smith

Here is a man to match Washington and Lincoln. Roosevelt suffered from polio, won the presidential election a record four times, lifted his country out of the Great Depression, and led the Allies to win World War II, firmly establishing America as the new superpower.

Despite being unable to walk for most of his adult life, he rose to heights achieved by only a rare few. Yet, he held no pretensions, he assumed no air's. Here was a normal, hardworking man who by sheer determination helped mould the destiny of the free world.

That is perhaps what makes it so hard to emulate FDR. He was not a product of circumstances but a creator of circumstances. He made mistakes but he never let his mistakes define him. Fearlessly, he set out to serve his country and ended up serving humanity.