Genius Behind Star Trek

“Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow — it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb; that the human race is improving; that we have things to be proud of as humans.”
— Gene Roddenberry

This man is a hero. He created Star Trek. Star Trek is the best. Hence, Gene Roddenberry is the best. He created the canons which govern the Star Trek Universe and all subsequent Star Trek series (the successful ones at least). Without him Star Trek might have never happened.

It is amazing how many different lines of work Gene engaged in before finally penning Star Trek. He was even involved in three separate plane crashes. The last crash made him realize the impermanence and fleeting nature of life. He quit his job and started pursuing his dream of being a writer.

Thank heavens Gene decided to take the road less travelled. Star Trek acted as a mirror, showing us who we were, while also acting as an orb, to show us what we could be. While the true extent of his achievements can only be hypothesized, it is safe to say the world would not be the same without his work.