The Empire Builder

“If you want to know whether you are destined to be a success or a failure in life, you can easily find out. The test is simple and it is infallible: Are you able to save money? If not, drop out. You will lose. You may think not, but you will lose as sure as you live. The seed of success is not in you.”
— James J. Hill

There is a reason most people encourage students interested in business to go into accounting. The reason is that people like Hill and Rockefeller started out as bookkeepers and clerks and used the knowledge they obtained to build great empires.

Most accountants, however, are complete duds. J.J. Hill, however, was exceptional and used his experience to enter both the coal industry as well as the railroad industry and played a pivotal part in their expansion and in the expansion into the Pacific Northwest.

Hill believed one should always work more than one sleeps. He was a kind and generous man whose legacy should be more widely known. It would encourage more people to follow their dreams of making a difference in the world. Without dreams we have nothing.