The Architect of Modern India

“This man has overcome two of the greatest failings in human nature—he knows neither fear nor hatred”
— Winston Churchill

One shudders to think what India might have become if Nehru had not taken the reins of a newly independent country, cathartic and weak in body but strong in spirit, and resolutely guided it on a path of secular, democratic self determination to its rightful place in the world.

From his written works we catch a glimpse into the man intellect and understanding of the world. Nehru was well beyond his time and eons ahead of his contemporaries at a time of great promise and peril. His works are a testament to his magnanimity, scientific temper, and idealism.

Nehru by his own admission was a queer mix of East and West. Indian in blood and color, but western in every other way; the elements so mixed that nature itself might stand up and say to all the world 'this was a man’. It was this blend that made him a champion of freedom and statesman extraordinaire.