Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart...

“I’ve tried to imagine spring all winter—it’s here and I still feel hopeless”
— Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was a beautiful human being, inside and out. She had a shimmering childlike innocence coupled with a dazzling, flirtatious personality. A statuesque vision who when wasn’t playing the part of blonde bombshell or mesmerising the public on the red carpet, was a well-read and intelligent woman with a soft vulnerable side who liked to cook and listen to classical music.

She lit up the screen like no one before or since. Above all she wanted to be an artist and had a fierce determination to master her art. To create. To be wonderful. To feel loved and accepted. she was like a child, thirsty for love and acceptance She had an unfathomable mysteriousness about her. A profound sadness that prevented her from sharing in the happiness she brought millions around the world.

Her legacy endures because she was truly one of us. She struggled like we do. She suffered like we do. She shared intimately with candour and newborn wonder. Beneath all the glitz and glamour, there was a compassionate human being who loved all living things, held strong beliefs about civil rights and gave her time and money to many charitable causes. The Icon platinum blonde hair, hourglass figure, dress lifted by the subway vent can be imitated but never replaced.