The Great Explainer

“I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough.”
— Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a relatable and down-to-earth person who greatly improved our existence through his work. Pedagogy was his specialty but he was no pedagogue. He had the most extraordinary ability to communicate science and enthusiasm to audiences at all levels. When he spoke, he spoke to you and not at you, helping you see what you could not see just a moment ago.

One of the ways in which he impacted my life was through his groundbreaking work creating immersive learning experiences back in the 1960’s. The ever increasing breadth and depth of knowledge requires that we embrace new ways of learning to keep up. Those seminal lectures he delivered at Caltech and Cornell set the benchmark for learning experience and started a revolution.

Richard was a renaissance man and lived a rich and fulfilling life. Though he, like most of us, struggled with personal and relationship problems, he never let it stop him. In every aspect of his life, he never took failure as a final defeat, exploring every possible avenue on the road to success. Such defiance and endeavor made him one of the most celebrated scientists of the last century.