Here's to the Crazy Ones

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”
— Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs changed the world we live in forever. The world was a different place back when Nokia and Windows 98 were king. He single-handedly brought order to the chaotic world of technology. Designs so intuitive and elegant are rarely seen in any field, much less one focused on complexity as a sign of virtue and raw attributes as one of prowess.

Steve understood that simple is harder than complex and excellence is a poor substitute for perfection. Design is more than how it looks and feels. It is how it works. It is the soul of the product. The symphony of hardware and software in perfect harmony with each other. A perfect gift from a man more artist than engineer or businessman, despite his accomplishments as all three.

Great work is only possible if you love what you do. like Jobs, our time here is limited. Only so many things can be done in one lifetime. Everything around us was made by people like us. Once we realize that we too can create and change the world around us we will never be the same again. Dare to think different, dare to connect the dots. Dont settle!