Are You Being Served?

“Are you free, Mr Humphries?”

”I’m free!”
— Captain Peacock & Mr. Humphries

Are You Being Served? explores the everyday proceedings of the mens and womenswear department at Grace Brothers. Set in the London of the 1970s, when the wars were over and the empire had ended, and everyone was trying to find their place in the new order of things.

The characters are exceptionally well developed and extremely relatable even today, which is saying something for an old British show showcasing the nuances of their class and social structure back in the day. The happiness to be found watching this show comes from its characters.

Working in a store is usually tedious drudgery. I know as I have done it. This show, however, shows us how camaraderie can help make the day pass a bit quicker, a bit more pleasantly. The value of shared lunches and after work meetings. Colleagues and friends, both at once.