Cynical Doctor in New York

“So someone finally shot you?”

”I always thought it would be you, Margaret.”

”So did I.”
— Becker & Margaret

Becker was not exactly a spin-off from Cheers but it was good to see Ted Danson playing the role of Dr. John Becker, a chronically cranky Harvard graduate who is running a small neighborhood clinic. The show is reasonably intellectual and the concept is fairly novel.

His best friend is blind and runs a newsstand in the diner which he frequents. His main interactions, apart from his patients, are with his employees and the people at the diner. The theme of the show is his dissatisfaction with his life and the people around him.

Becker is an interesting show to watch once or twice to get a feel for the real New York City life and the type of people you meet over there. While its not a show one would really rewatch in its entirety, there are several exceptionally good episodes to rewatch.