Where everybody knows your name

— Everyone in the bar

Cheers is one of the best ensemble comedies which revolves around the characters found in its namesake bar. There is conflict as well as camaraderie between the different members who frequent the drinking establishment and it creates a pleasant diversion from the monotony of everyday life, without actually having to go to a bar.

The show was funny because of its easy going simplicity marked with touches of sophistication without pretension. The main protagonist was the glue holding the disparate drinking buddies together with his kind demeanour and street smarts. A side character would even eventually go on to star in his own hit show.

While I was in Boston, I tried paying a visit to the replica bar created after the original bar in the show but unfortunately it did not allow entry before 11am. As always, one leaves any great city, such as Boston, with at least one thing left undone.