Bed & Breakfast in Torquay

“You’ll have to forgive him. He’s from Barcelona.”
— Basil Fawlty

Can’t we just get away from it all? Yes we can! But not from all of it. We will still be who we are and that is sometimes the problem… and the main source of comedy. Basil Fawlty is clearly unsuited to be a hotelier yet, midlife crisis compels him to open a bed and breakfast.

Basil likes the idea of running a hotel to achieve a higher status in society despite the fact that running a hotel involves dealing with people he mostly despises. The show centers around him interacting with his guests and the humor that occurs as a result.

The over-the-top plots are comical and believable at the same time; which is important, as this show offers a glimpse into what dark comedy would happen if we did follow our compulsions without addressing the underlying cause of our dissatisfaction.