The Doctor is in

“I’m listening”
— Dr. Frasier Crane

We really did not get to see enough of Frasier on television. Case in point, I only started watching Cheers because eleven seasons of Frasier just were not enough. It was exhilarating to get to know the character of Frasier Crane over twenty years as he enlightened us about high society and the finer things in life.

The show explored the dynamics of the father-son and brother-brother relationship between a father and son who were as different as chalk and cheese, and brothers who share so much in common and yet have not been able to forge a bond that reflect their shared interests and similarities.   

Frasier was my introduction to the world of psychiatry and to the world of radio. Frasier helped us understand the issues in our lives as he helped the callers on his radio show. It was a wonderful way to explore the human condition set in the scenic city of Seattle.