A secretary's work is never done

“You are your magazine. You’re glossy, you’re slick, the cover looks great...you open it up, there’s nothing inside”
— Maya Gallo

One of the great things about the 90s were the multitude of great shows with unique and ingenious ideas. Just shoot me was one such show about the lives of the people at Blush Magazine. This was no Seinfeld or Friends, but an important pillar of 90s television nonetheless. 

The series poked fun at the fashion industry and high-society life with sharp-tongued wit and plenty of sarcasm. It almost never tackled heavy issues and almost solely relied on mining the characters workplace relationships for clever storylines.

Not every television show needs to be a classic for it to still hold a place in the viewers heart. Just Shoot Me brought us face-to-face with a very different side of the fashion and publishing industry in a light hearted manner and for that it will always be fondly cherished.