A show about nothing

“Yada yada yada”
— Elaine

First I thought Friends was the best show ever. Then I watched Seinfeld. Confusion ensued. Now I don't know which show trumps the other. They are both set in New York and feature a group of friends going about their lives, but that’s where the similarities end. Seinfeld was groundbreaking, leading to a host of other shows among similar lines.

It was reassuring to see characters who were as imperfect as we were. Who did not grow as people with each passing show and season. The main characters were all deeply flawed individuals, just as we are, and they didn't care about it. It managed to portray the minutiae of daily life while simultaneously being funny and entertaining.

The characters were more real and neurotic than what we had encountered in previous shows. We could never really come to care for them the way we came to care for the cast of Friend, but we could not pull ourselves away either, turning in week after week to catch their adventures. If Friends was a world in itself, Seinfeld was a universe.