Deputy Mayor of New York City

“Mike, look out that window. We preside over the greatest city in the world.”

“Sir, that’s New Jersey.”
— Mayor Winston & Mike

Spin City covers the New York Major’s Office and we are given a front row seat through the eyes of the Deputy Mayor, Mike Flaherty, and his support staff. The settings, the cast, and the storylines are very inventive and thought-provoking.

There is so much political correctness and so much political incorrectness in this show that it makes the mind boggle. I can’t imagine having to live and work in such an environment where everything is decided by such false and incorrect notions.

It is a good show, probably even extremely accurate, and is fun to watch on occasion. But there really is not enough here to make this a timeless classic, which is unfortunate because this show really had the potential to be a timeless classic.