Self Sufficiency in Suburbia 

“What we should be doing is working at the job of life itself… it will be just us, doing it for us. What do you think?”
— Tom Good

Tom had his epiphany at the age of 40 to leave the rat race and pursue a life of self-sufficiency and simplicity. Unfortunately, with the current pace of life, most of us who aren’t Type A, knuckle-dragging, gung-ho corporate drones, have this same realization at a much earlier age.

It hit me just before I turned 25 and made me search for answers. I haven’t found them yet but I did discover this fantastic depiction of a wonderful couple collectively deciding to give up the routine and pursue the path less travelled. Purpose can be created by our actions.

We need more shows like ‘The Good Life’ to show us how deep and meaningful life can really be if we have the courage to pursue our own convictions and reject the charade of society shoved down our throat. With the right life partner and a little courage, the pretensions and affectations can be exchanged for meaning and fulfillment.