Once more unto the breach

“Education in this country is a disaster. We’re supposed to be preparing children for a working life. Three quarters of the time they’re bored stiff!”

”Well I should have thought that being bored stiff for three quarters of the time was an excellent preparation for working life.”
— Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey

Town Hall meets White Hall at No. 10 and we get more of the finest political comedy ever created. Jim now has more power as Prime Minister, or as he would call it, 'influence'. Sir Humphrey is now the Cabinet Secretary and Bernard acts as the calming influence as the Principal Private Secretary.

Bigger issues are now explored at 10 Downing Street. Defense, foreign relations, matters of national importance, role on the world stage, and even lost and smuggled dogs. It lends a wonderful insight into the inner working of politics and the civil service.

Hacker tries to cement his place on the world stage by pushing aggressive reforms. Sir Humphrey tries to hold himself worthy of his high office by resisting all reforms. Bernard struggles with his conscious amid split loyalties. The saga continues once more.