History is written by the victors

“Marble, I perceive, covers a multitude of sins”
— Aldous Huxley

Agra is best known for the Taj Mahal, the timeless palace dedicated to love. Agra, however, has a lot of other things going for it as well. The Agra fort is an interesting walled city. Fatehpur Sikri is the abandoned capital of the Mughals who invaded and occupied India.

Obviously, one has to visit Agra if one visits India, if only to see the Taj Mahal and then leave. Which is unfortunate as there is good reason to stay a while and experience more of this city and learn about its history. The history that has been built by the victors.

While architecturally, aesthetically, and historically significant, I have never been able to find any real pleasure in seeing the history the oppressors inflicted upon the oppressed. To me, Agra and all its world famous sites are more a study on the importance of self-preservation.