a garden oasis in the desert

“The desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped”
— Lawrence of Arabia

Al Ain is one of those fabled places in the Middle East that you might just believe in until you actually set out to see for yourself. I once set out to see the garden city of the gulf for myself and nearly ended up missing it even though I drove right through the city.

The notion of an oasis or garden is very relative and for most part the terrain resembles something fierce and inhospitable with one small mountain range that locals rave about. The only saving grace of this place is its beautiful sand, which is a rarity even in the desert.

Watching the desert sands is akin to watching the ocean waves in slow motion. it had rained heavily the night before and the desert was soaked. The peaks of sand dunes were drying out first, leaving a brilliant contrast against the rest of the drenched landscape.