Business Hub of New Zealand

“Auckland began as the sweepings of Sydney. Even now it has many of the characteristics of an Australia for beginners … essentially a main street surrounded by thirty square miles of rectangular boxes”
— Richard Nixon

Auckland is a nice, compact version of Sydney. People here tend to be amazed at how large and intimidating Sydney is. I wonder how they would feel in New York or Shanghai. Thankfully, there are not many reasons for them to leave this quaint little town.

The best view of the city is from the Sky Tower where they have a revolving restaurant and excellent wine. Mount Eden is a majestic example of the history of the land which Auckland now inhabits. The different cultures live in relative harmony compared to next door.

Coming from Sydney or any other major city, the whole city will seem like a miniature version of a larger city. It has everything every other city has, except everything is miniature. Oh, and there are hills everywhere. I suppose it is only fitting for the home of The Lord of the Rings.